Rio Grande Building

The Rio Grande will serve as a joint purpose dedicated to promoting collaborative learning and interactive instruction in advance manufacturing and public service. Courses that will be taught include Advance Manufacturing, Criminal Justice,  Dental Hygiene and Student Services. Palo Alto College’s Rio Grande Building will serve 804 manufacturing students over five years, providing 271,232 contact hours in advanced manufacturing education.

Also located in the Rio Grande Building will be the New Student Engagement & Welcome Center which will provide visitors, students, and faculty with a primary entry point to the campus. Various student support services will be housed within this building and will serve as a one-stop location for new students.

Architect: RVK Architects

CMAR: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Building Square Footage: 128,000 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $59.7M

Classrooms: Advance Manufacturing Center, Labs; Public Service Center; Student Engagement & Welcome Center; Healthcare Technology Center of  Excellence; Dental Clinic for community use; Cyber  Security Lab; Science Labs; Simulated Courtroom

Labs: Geology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Technical

Construction Start Date: November 2020

Target Completion: Fall 2022


January 2021:

Drone Footage

February 2021:

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March 2021:

April 2021

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