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As a public comprehensive community college, Palo Alto College provides exemplary, accessible education and training to a diverse and aspiring community. The College educates, nurtures, and inspires students through a dynamic and supportive learning environment, which promotes the intellectual, cultural, economic and social life of the community.

PAC Streetscape

The City of San Antonio has appropriated funds from the Tree Canopy and Tree Mitigation to Palo Alto College to increase energy savings in homes, schools and businesses while also improving the air quality, storm water control, reduction in temperatures and enhancement of the overall beauty of the campus and surrounding neighborhood.

The PAC Streetscape project involves the planting of 30+ Canopy Trees and 10 understory trees along with associated irrigation along W. Villaret. The additional project scope includes the removal of 5 trees on the campus, placement of 48 large boulders and placement of ½” of compost atop project area to increase the health of the existing turf. The trees for this project are being provided by a partnership with COSA.

Start Date: November 2017

Completion date: February 13, 2018


PACStreetScape-PlansProject photo updates:







01/08/2018 – 01/12/2018


01/15/2018 – 01/19/2018





Community Garden

With the presence of growing Agriculture and Horticulture programs in an urban area with close proximity to rural South Texas farming and ranching communities, there is a unique opportunity to establish the first-ever Palo Alto College Community Garden. The Palo Alto College Community Garden will seek to encourage a thriving local agricultural economy which will provide multifaceted benefits to students and residents alike. Palo Alto Colleges community garden will provide students service learning opportunities that benefit the community as well as the student population. Palo Alto will offer students the opportunity for on-campus service learning that still serves the surrounding community through the development of a an on-campus interdisciplinary community garden. The products of the community garden can be used in a variety of methods, including provision of fresh food access to the community and directly to students, a rare opportunity for residents and students of the local area. Equally important, the development and maintenance of the community garden can be linked to various programs, including social sciences and government, agriculture and horticulture, business, nutrition, biology, economics, communications, and many others depending on the aspect that faculty and students tie into their course learning outcomes.

Palo Alto College seeks to develop a one-acre community garden on its campus in south San Antonio which will serve as an outdoor classroom that will be:

  • A component of the college’s agriculture and horticulture programs,
  • A space for community collaboration focused on healthy food access, education, and entrepreneurism, and
  • A site for on-campus interdisciplinary service learning

User Group Members:

Ty Chumbley           Veronica Rosas-Tatum

Rose Flores               Elizabeth Tanner

Patrick Lee

Start Date: July 19, 2018

Anticipated Completion DateOctober 2018 (Phase I)


Phase I Perspective Garden Layout


Phase I Timeline:

PAC Community Garden 11-6-18 Update

Phase I Progress 7/23/2018-7/26/2018

Phase I Progress: 8/13/2018-8/17/2018

Phase I Progress: 9/17/2018-9/25/2018

Phase I Progress: 10/1/2018-10/5/2018

Phase I Progress: 10/15/2018-10/19/2018

Phase I Progress: 10/28/2018-11/2/2018

Phase I Progress: 11/12/2018-11/30/2018


Science Lab Renovations

The project renovations of the science labs should address equipment, space layouts, exhaust/ HVAC upgrades, and support spaces.

The upgrades and reconfiguration are going to provide students and faculty with adequate equipment and spaces.

User Group Members:

Peter Hernandez           Brad Chandler

Elizabeth Tanner          Dr. Stamatis Muratidis

Patrick Lee

Anticipated start date: TBD

Anticipated completion date: FY 2021



Healthcare Technology Center for Excellence

The Healthcare Technology Center for Excellence will be located in the new building. Technical labs will provide flexibility to accommodate changing technologies. This portion of the building will also include a Dental Hygiene Clinic, which will provide members of the community clinical services and allow enrolled students opportunities to develop their professional dental hygiene skills in a hands-on setting.

User Group Members:

Beth Tanner     Patrick Lee

Mary Ellen Jacobs

Anticipated start date: TBD

Anticipated completion date: FY 2021


Natatorium and Gym Improvements

The Natatorium at Palo Alto College was first opened in 1991. This project aims to accomplish the repairs and maintenance of the building to provide a natatorium that accommodates students’ and visitors’ needs as effectively as possible.

The renovation of the gymnasium will ensure that the facilities within the fitness center stay up-to-date with emerging needs of patrons to maintain the commitment to help students, faculty, and staff achieve healthy fitness goals.

User Group Members:

Shanea Allen            Alexis Lowe

Elizabeth Tanner     Dr. Beatriz Joseph

Anticipated start date: FY 2019

Anticipated completion date: FY 2021

Construction Timeline:

PAC Nata-Gym 20190330_Page_1PAC Nata-Gym 20190330_Page_2PAC Nata-Gym 20190330_Page_3


Student Engagement and Welcome Center

The New Student Engagement & Welcome Center will provide visitors, students, and faculty with a primary entry point to the campus. This building shall accommodate a space to welcome visitors and incoming students during freshman orientation and other campus events. Various student support services will also be housed within this building. This building will serve as a one-stop location for new students.

User Group Members:

Gilbert Becerra          Katherine Doss

Michael Ximenez       Liz Aguilar-Villarreal

Rose Medrano            Leandro Esparza

Arianna Lay                Maria Viesca

Vincent Bosquez        Cindy Morgan

Shirley Lejia                Helen Bealer

Andres Arredondo

Anticipated start date: 12/2019

Anticipated completion date: 09/2021

Construction Timeline:

Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_1Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_2Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_3Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_4


Advanced Manufacturing & Public Service Center of Excellence

The Advanced Manufacturing Center and Public Service of Excellence building will serve as a joint purpose dedicated to promoting collaborative learning and interactive instruction in advance manufacturing and public service. Courses that will be taught include Advance Manufacturing, Energy Technology, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene and Chemistry. Palo Alto College’s Advanced Manufacturing Center will serve 804 manufacturing students over five years, providing 271,232 contact hours in advanced manufacturing education. The building will be anywhere from 60,000 to 70,000 square foot and would be one of the largest buildings on campus

  • A dedicated experiential learning space with fully equipped manufacturing labs
  • Manufacturing labs and assembling shops
  • Interactive classrooms and instructional spaces
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology
  • Computer and coding labs
  • Hands-on labs
  • Mock courtrooms for criminal justice
  • Model classrooms for teaching programs
  • Makerspace

User Group Members:

John Hernandez     Ginny Stowitts
Patrick Lee               Gary Shelman
Amie Deleon            Ronald Brown
Lynn Parker             Bill Cook

Anticipated start date: 12/13/2019

Anticipated completion date: 9/2021

Construction Timeline:

Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_1Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_2Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_3Mfrg Welcome New Bldg 20190330_Page_4