Performing Arts Sidewalk Renovation

Palo Alto College will be removing and replacing existing sidewalks at the south, north, and north east building entrances due to trip hazards.

Start Date: June 4, 2018

End Date: August 15, 2018

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Project Timeline

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Phase I

Progress 6/04/2018-6/08/2018

Progress 6/11/2018-6/14/2018

Phase I Completed 7/5/2018

Phase II & III

Progress 7/10/2018-7/19/2018

Progress 7/23/2018-7/26/2018

Progress 8/06/2018-8/10/2018

Phase II & III Completed


In partnership with the San Antonio Sporks School Parks Program, Palo Alto College is dedicating approximately one acre of land for a naturally landscaped playground park. The new park will provide a safe and family-friendly space for children and their families to promote community fitness and ecological awareness. To create a safe and accessible play space for the Palo Alto community that capitalizes on vegetation, natural materials and environmental features, traditional playground structures will be combined with natural landscape elements such as  rain gardens and streams, labyrinths, teepee villages, caves, climbing and slide elements, natural benches, and discovery paths. The park will be located in close proximity to the existing PAC fitness trail, adjacent to the campus’s Natatorium and Fitness Center and Ozuna Library with community access from Villaret Boulevard.

User Group Members:

Dr. Beatriz Joseph          Gilbert Becerra

Elizabeth Tanner           Jennifer Flores

Anticipated start date: Fall 2018

Anticipated completion date: Spring 2019