Natatorium and Gym Improvements

The Natatorium at Palo Alto College was first opened in 1991. This project aims to accomplish the repairs and maintenance of the building to provide a natatorium that accommodates students’ and visitors’ needs as effectively as possible.

The renovation of the gymnasium will ensure that the facilities within the fitness center stay up-to-date with emerging needs of patrons to maintain the commitment to help students, faculty, and staff achieve healthy fitness goals.

Architect: RVK Architects/Lopez Salas Architects

CMAR: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Building Square Footage: 90,334 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $19.8M

Building Upgrades:

New Exterior finishes; roof profile and panels; LED lighting; fire sprinkler system; interior finishes; and tile at pool surface area

Upgrade Dressing rooms, showers and restrooms

Refurbish diving platforms