PAC Streetscape

The City of San Antonio has appropriated funds from the Tree Canopy and Tree Mitigation to Palo Alto College to increase energy savings in homes, schools and businesses while also improving the air quality, storm water control, reduction in temperatures and enhancement of the overall beauty of the campus and surrounding neighborhood.

The PAC Streetscape project involves the planting of 30+ Canopy Trees and 10 understory trees along with associated irrigation along W. Villaret. The additional project scope includes the removal of 5 trees on the campus, placement of 48 large boulders and placement of ½” of compost atop project area to increase the health of the existing turf. The trees for this project are being provided by a partnership with COSA.

Start Date: November 2017

Completion date: February 13, 2018


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01/08/2018 – 01/12/2018


01/15/2018 – 01/19/2018