STEM Center

Palo Alto College addresses Absolute Priority 1 through its proposed SEEDS of Excellence in STEM project. Student centered services in STEM will be housed in the One-stop STEM Center that is a collaborative, cross-departmental support for students in STEM. Holistic academic support and student support services activities – including tutoring, academic and non-academic workshops, peer mentoring and instructional support, advising pertaining to progress, careers, and transfers, as well as points of engagement with faculty – will be centrally located in the space for all things related to STEM at the college.

The One-Stop STEM Center will be a dedicated, multipurpose space which serves as the hub of all STEM activity and programming on campus. STEM students, faculty and staff will gather in this collaborative, interdisciplinary environment which fosters excitement in STEM and support for student success. Students can study, attend workshops or special activities, and seek information on STEM careers, scholarships, transfer options, and job opportunities. Faculty members will hold office hours in the center, student organizations can meet there, and speakers can present on STEM fields, industry needs, and four-year programs. Student support services will be offered in tutoring/supplemental workshop modes, career and transfer advising, peer mentoring, resume building, job fairs and mock interviews, and links with student and professional organizations. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in poster presentations, conferences, and undergraduate research. They will be encouraged to pursue STEM scholarships, job shadowing, summer programs and external research opportunities, and internships.

STEM Center Contributors:

STEM Center Contributors_Page_1Architect: RVK Architects
Contractor: Skanska USA Building Inc.

Start Date: December 2017
Completion date: June 12, 2018



STEM Center Demolition Updates: 12/29/2017-01/05/2018

STEM Center Progress: 1/15/2018-1/19/2018

STEM Center Progress: 2/12/2018-2/16/2018

STEM Center Progress: 2/26/2018-3/02/2018

STEM Center Progress: 3/05/2018-3/09/2018

STEM Center Progress: 3/26/2018-4/02/2018

STEM Center Progress: 4/16/2018-4/20/2018

STEM Center Progress: 4/30/2018-5/04/2018

STEM Center Progress: 5/07/2018-5/11/2018

STEM Center Progress: 5/15/2018-5/21/2018

STEM Center Progress: 5/28/2018-6/05/2018

STEM Center Grand Opening: 6/12/2018