Performing Arts Sidewalk Renovation

Palo Alto College will be removing and replacing existing sidewalks at the south, north, and north east building entrances due to trip hazards.

Start Date: June 4, 2018

End Date: August 15, 2018

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Project Timeline

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Phase I

Progress 6/04/2018-6/08/2018

Progress 6/11/2018-6/14/2018

Phase I Completed 7/5/2018

Phase II & III

Progress 7/10/2018-7/19/2018

Progress 7/23/2018-7/26/2018

Progress 8/06/2018-8/10/2018

Phase II & III Completed

Palomino Park

In partnership with the San Antonio Sports School Parks Program, Palo Alto College is dedicating approximately one acre of land for a playground park. The new park will provide a safe and family-friendly space for children and their families to promote community fitness and ecological awareness. The park will be located in close proximity to the existing PAC fitness trail, adjacent to the campus’s Natatorium and Fitness Center and Ozuna Library with community access from Villaret Boulevard.

User Group Members:

Dr. Beatriz Joseph          Gilbert Becerra

Elizabeth Tanner           Jennifer Flores

Anticipated start date: Spring 2019

Anticipated completion date: May 31, 2019


PAC Palomino Playground

Playground Phase I Progress:

Palomino Park Grand Opening 10/15/2019:



Park Naming Surrey Results:

Results by Theme

Suggestions provided by survey participants revolved around several key themes. The table below counts how many times a suggestion mentioned one of these themes. As a single suggestion could mention more than 1 theme, these results include some duplication.

Themes Count
Palomino 56
PAC 37
Community 21
Spanish 12
South 6
Flores 5
Villaret 2
Children 2
Delacour 2

Results by Exact Match

Several survey participants provided the exact same name suggestion. The table below summarizes how many times participants offered the exact same recommendation. Only recommendations that were repeated at least once are included.

Suggestions Count
Palomino Park 21
Palo Alto Community Park 7
Little Palomino Park 6
Palomino Playground 3
Carolyn DeLacour 2
El parque del sur 2
Little Palomino 2
Mike Flores Park 2
PAC Park 2
PAC Playland 2
Palo Alto Park 2
Palochi Park 2
Palomino Play Park 2
Palomino Playland 2
Park Palomino 2
Rosie Castro Park 2
Students First Park 2

Unique Suggestions

Many recommendations are unique in that they did not mention one of the themes summarized above, nor were they mentioned more than once. These unique recommendations are listed below.

John Quincy Adams Alamo Colleges Play Ground Park Primo’s Playground
People’s First Park Ornelas Community Park (named after Faculty) Saldaña Park
Mariposa Park Buckington Park Dreamer Park
Rosie Castro Abraham Lincoln Laurie Ann Guerrero
College Park Veterans Memorial Park College Corner
Progress Playground Rosie Castro Park Rosie Castro Park
Fun and Fitness Field Carmen Tafolla Sunshine Park
Palochi Park Students 1st Always Students First Park
Primo’s Park/Playground Promise Park Trinity Park
Charles Butt park (humanitarian and philanthropist) Bronco Playground Friendship Park
Primo’s Hangout David Robinson Park Adventure Zone
Garza Park Edward James Olmos



Rio Grande Building

The Rio Grande will serve as a joint purpose dedicated to promoting collaborative learning and interactive instruction in advance manufacturing and public service. Courses that will be taught include Advance Manufacturing, Criminal Justice,  Dental Hygiene and Student Services. Palo Alto College’s Rio Grande Building will serve 804 manufacturing students over five years, providing 271,232 contact hours in advanced manufacturing education.

Also located in the Rio Grande Building will be the New Student Engagement & Welcome Center which will provide visitors, students, and faculty with a primary entry point to the campus. Various student support services will be housed within this building and will serve as a one-stop location for new students.

Architect: RVK Architects

CMAR: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Building Square Footage: 128,000 (approx.)

Estimate to Complete: $59.7M

Classrooms: Advanced Manufacturing Center and Labs; Student Engagement & Welcome Center; Healthcare Center of Excellence; Dental Clinic for community use; health clinic; el museo/event space, Cybersecurity Lab; Science Labs; Simulated Courtroom; STEM Makers Space, instructional spaces/labs

Labs: Geology, Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Technical

Construction Start Date: November 2020

Target Completion: Fall 2022


January 2021:

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February 2021:

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March 2021:

April 2021

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May 2021

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June 2021

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July 2021

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